The State of Alaska utilizes a document called the ASDS or Alaska Sign Design Specifications. The document is very heavy on traffic signs for Highways and other Public Roads yet encourages the use of their standards for private roads and parking areas as well. 

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State of Alaska Sign Specific Documents

The Alaska Sign Design Specifications (ASDS) contains size and layout information for approved highway signs. The ASDS is the authoritative signing reference in Alaska. Use these specifications for all traffic signs on Alaska public roads and on private roads open to public travel. We recommend using them on private roads as well.The ASDS is a supplement to the Alaska Traffic Manual (ATM), which specifies appropriate use and placement of traffic control devices, including signs.The ASDS is intended to enhance road safety and operation by specifying uniform, understandable, and effective traffic signs for Alaska roads.The ASDS is comprised of the 2015 Alaska Sign Design Specifications Supplement and the 2004 Standard Highway Signs (SHS), including the 2012 Supplement to the SHS, and any adopted revisions or interim addenda to either document issued subsequently.The 2004 FHWA Standard Highway Signs (SHS) contains standard highway sign details adopted by the federal government. The 2012 Supplement to the SHS contains new and revised sign designs that have been adopted in the 2009 Edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (MUTCD). The ASDS Supplement contains Alaska-specific signs.Republication of the SHS to incorporate the 2012 Supplement and eliminate signs not addressed in the 2009 MUTCD is expected soon. Republication of the SHS is not expected to alter the relationship with the ASDS Supplement, nor require republication of the ASDS Supplement. 

Statewide Traffic and Safety Engineer

Matt Walker, P.E.

Phone: (907) 465-6963

Central Region Traffic & Safety Engineer

Scott Thomas, P.E.

Phone: (907) 269-0639

Northern Region Traffic & Safety Engineer

Pamela Golden, P.E.

Phone: (907) 451-2283

Traffic and Safety Office

3132 Channel Dr.

P.O. Box 112500
Juneau, AK 99811-2500
Phone: (907)465-6963
Fax: (907)465-2460

Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. Statewide Design and Engineering Services, 2022, Accessed 12 May 2022.

**Currently, we do not have any signs that are specifically designed for Alaska. The signs featured below are in accordance with the ASDS, if you have a specific need please contact us

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