Parking lot sign installation services

What type of service are you looking for? 

New Sign Install

It seems as if there is new construction going on everywhere! You can rely on to be your new sign installation specialist, our dedicated team members have years of experience installing signs and will make your project run as smooth as butter. 

Bollard Install

Bollards are a key component when it comes to protecting critical and fragile infrastructure, the team at can install 4"-8" bollards in just about any location. Not only are bollards great for protection of things like gas pumps and electrical transformers, but they are also a great base for parking lot signage that is placed in the middle of a parking lot. 

Sign Refurbishment can refurb your old signs and make them look brand new! Whether we simply replace aluminum sign, apply a new adhesive face, or remove and replace the entire unit (post and all) you will be pleasantly surprised with the transformation and how nice (and safe) it makes your property look.   

Other Services

Consulting,  budgetary estimates, ADA compliance, local municipal requirements, State or Federal DOT requirements, and more. Our team has the knowledge and industry expertise take care of any needs that may arise throughout your project. provides all kinds of signs for installation.

New Parking Lot Sign Installation

New sign install is at the core of our business. not only installs, but also produces all the signs that we install. Our state of the art facility in Dexter, MI is the heart of the operation, here we print, cut, and laminate all of the signs that are delivered to our network of installers. Creating new signage that meets your needs as well as providing a safe site for your customers is our #1 priority. Contact us today for pricing and to schedule your job. 

Install services we provide

  • Install new STOP signs

  • Install new Reserved Parking signs

  • Install new No Parking signs

  • Install new Yield signs

  • Install any new parking lot signs... and more!

Value-Add services we provide

  • Review site drawings for optimal sign placement

  • Design custom parking lot directional signage 

  • Provide pre-construction estimates for signage cost

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Additionally, if you are looking to purchase a sign and install it yourself you can shop our complete catalog from these links. 

Bollard Installation

Bollards are key to protecting your investments, they provide not only a visual but also a physical barrier that is an effective way to stop even the largest vehicles. Bollards can be installed around gas pumps, electric transformers, dock doors or just about anything that needs protecting. Bollards are also an effective way to protect parking signs that are placed in the middle of a parking area.

We can install bollards around:

  • Gas Pumps

  • Electrical Transformers

  • Cart Corrals

  • Monument Signs

  • Exterior Walls

  • Guard Shacks

  • and many other locations too!

Signs can be mounted in bollards in order to:

  • Protect sign posts from being bent

  • Create a walking path

  • To make the sign more noticeable

  • Reduce total lifetime cost 

  • Allow for attachment of fences or barriers

Sign Refurbishment

Sign refurb can be accomplished in a few ways, the team at will be happy to make recommendations on the best path forward. From straightening bent post to resurfacing existing signs that are in good structural condition, we can do it all. Refurbishment is the most cost effective and eco-friendly process we offer.  

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Additional Services Offered

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  • Parking Lot Design

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