Professional sign installation by of South East Michigan 

Specializing in parking lot sign installation in your area.

serving Livingston, Oakland, Washtenaw, Jackson, and Ingham Counties. has a big ego, but we're a local company SITUATED just outside of Ann Arbor. 

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Are you looking to have signs installed in your parking lot?

We can provide sign installation for all types of projects

  • Hospitals, Clinics, EMS, Fire, and Police Stations

  • Distribution Centers, Big Box Retailers, and Malls

  • Hotels, Campgrounds, Rest areas, and Parks

  • EV Parking retrofits and New construection

  • ADA retrofits, and Additional Reserved spaces

  • Banks, Office Complexes, and Schools

  • Apartment Complexes, Private Roads, and Subdivisions

  • Factories, Industrial Complexes, and more

We install signs and bollards, but that's not all.

New Sign Install

It seems as if there is new construction going on everywhere! You can rely on to be your new sign installation specialist, our dedicated team members have years of experience installing signs and will make your project run as smooth as butter. 

Bollard Install

Bollards are a key component when it comes to protecting critical and fragile infrastructure, the team at can install 4"-8" bollards in just about any location. Not only are bollards great for protection of things like gas pumps and electrical transformers, but they are also a great base for parking lot signage that is placed in the middle of a parking lot. 

Sign Refurbishment can refurb your old signs and make them look brand new! Whether we simply replace aluminum sign, apply a new adhesive face, or remove and replace the entire unit (post and all) you will be pleasantly surprised with the transformation and how nice (and safe) it makes your property look.   

Other Services

Consulting,  budgetary estimates, ADA compliance, local municipal requirements, State or Federal DOT requirements, and more. Our team has the knowledge and industry expertise take care of any needs that may arise throughout your project. 

Call or Text today!

(734) 496-9327 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to replace my signs?

Signage is a mandatory, and often overlooked, safety tool that aids in accomplishing traffic flow improvement, increased pedestrian safety, and decreased incidence of vehicle involved accidents. The proper maintenance and update of signage is not only a safety requirement, but helps to maintain parking lot and roadway aesthetics.

Appropriate signage provides drivers and pedestrians with a clear understanding of what is expected of them in a given situation. Making sure your signage is of appropriate size, color and age are equally important to providing guidance. As a business owner, signage is often the first method of communication with your customers – ensuring that communication is clear will start your interaction off on the right foot.

How are signs from made?

Unlike many sign installers we actually own our production facility. In fact, our primary business is supplying signs to contractors all around the United States. 

We produce our signs at our production facility in Dexter, MI. From there we can produce anything from a common STOP sign to a fully custom shaped sign with full color reflective printing. Each sign is printed on one of our highly specialized digital printers that utilize matched component systems designed specifically to print traffic signage. We utilize materials from 3M, Nikkalite, and Orafol depending on the specs and required lifespan of the signage.

Why does this help you? Well, because we have the control of materials, design, and production we are able to make sure we always have exactly what your project needs.  

What do I need to do on the day of install?

Our installation crews are well versed in parking lots and have a knack for corralling vehicles to where they need to be. However, if you have areas that have to be accessed with heavy equipment or have vehicles that are commonly parked in spaces all day we may need you to notify the owner and/or block off the area the day prior so that vehicles will not park in these spaces. 

When your job is scheduled with our staff we will be sure to alert you to any requirements that the install crew may have, we will also send you a reminder 24 hours prior to the work so you don't forget. 

How much should I expect to pay? 

Sign replacement can be as low as $30 per sign while a new sign with a post and install can cost $200 or more. There is a lot of variation when it comes to signage, but we are always transparent about our pricing. You can always call, email, or text us for a ballpark estimate, or someone can come to your location and take a look to provide a firm price and show you all the options we can provide. 

Can I use a Credit Card to pay?  

Of course, and as a bonus, unlike other companies out there we don't believe in charging a bogus 3% fee on top of the quoted price. What we quote you is what we charge, whether you pay with Cash, Check, Credit Card, or Wire.

Does offer financing? 

Currently we do not offer financing, this is on our roadmap but we haven't found the right company to partner with yet. 

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